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Revised: June 2012
SEISCO Proprietary Databases Map for EXPLORFILE Coverage in the USA

EXPLORFILE® Exploration Studies

EXPLORFILE® Exploration Studies is a digital database of interpreted, multi-zoned structural maps from prospective areas nationwide. These geophysical interpretations were developed by major and independent oil
and gas companies using archived 2D seismic data and well log information. The interpretations may provide explorationists with the following unique opportunities:

  • Review multi-level formations for potential leads
  • Prospect generation
  • Interpretation in-fill
  • Reconnaissance and structural conformation

The database is estimated to be 1.5 million square miles and is available in DVD format to facilitate easier evaluation of your exploration endeavors.

To request seismic data availability in your area of interest or to request information on any other services, please call SEISCO at
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